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Worldpay, Inc. was an American payment processing company and technology provider. In June 2019 it was acquired and merged into Fidelity National Information Services. Prior to acquisition, it was headquartered in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area.

A former employee mentioned, "WorldPay constantly tries to sell how “fun” the company is. When I found a job opportunity to grow in the field I desired, they simply cut ties and threw me to the curb. Didn’t even let me finish out my week of work. Also, refused to pay out any of the vacation given upon the day of employment. Would not recommend WorldPay to anyone."


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Former Employee - Quality Assurance Analyst says

"I worked at Worldpay full-time for more than a year Cons: The management was slow to respond to issues and did not deal directly with harassment complaints"

Former Employee - Senior Account Executive says

"I worked at Worldpay full-time for more than a year Cons: They HAVE YOU ON CAMERA WHILE YOU WORK REMOTE. Need I say more? Having distrust in your employees just cascades all kinds of problems. You don't hire people and train them to be good... you hire good people. They have this issue because they have countless tenures immoral sales reps. Not complicated. People who are distrusting are distrustful.. don't need a psych degree to know that much."

Former Employee - Account Executive says

"I worked at Worldpay full-time for more than a year Cons: Very Low pay. 30k-40k base for frontline sales people. 70k for MM and above. 2 year residual pay outs No lead generation support, you are effectively on your own There is no real incentive/punishment for channel partners (banks, etc.) to generate leads for you, so again, you are on your own Products are more expensive than competitors. Significantly more expensive. You are going to businesses and asking them to pay 2 to 3 times what other companies offer (Square, Clover, etc) They want you to sell on value, yet, there isnt much value to be had Sales is completely separated from the rest of the company, if you want to go to another division, it is near impossible They will hire from outside of the company before promoting within unless you are one of the favorites (even if you do not sell). If you are a minority, good luck"

Former Employee - User Experience Designer says

"I worked at Worldpay full-time Cons: There is hardly any career growth"

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"I worked at Worldpay full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Management is far disconnected from the work of low level employees while still trying to micromanage as much as possible. They use one on one meetings as a place to encourage their employees to complain about eachother, resulting in a hostile work environment."


"I have been working at Worldpay Cons: Annual raises are slim and under market. Projects are not prioritized by the benefit to the company but rather by the whim of “leadership” who fails to comprehend fundamental digital growth tactics from 10-12 years back, let alone anything progressive. Career pathing doesn’t exist. Team recognizes lack of digital leadership at the top and is uninspired and detached. Good to have a job in this economy...but man it’s tough to work here."

Former Employee - Business Development Manager says

"I worked at Worldpay full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Very high turnover, toxic culture, lack of professionalism, next to no collaboration"

Current Employee - Marketing says

"I have been working at Worldpay full-time for more than a year Cons: In the last year I've been at Worlday in Denver: Some guy was caught because he set up a camera to record a stall in the women's bathroom. An employee was brazenly soliciting female employees for nudes with company chat software during the work day. Another employee has bragged to anyone who will listen that she saw a channel marketing manager's genitals without the consent of the channel marketing manager. This is the nastiest office I've ever worked for. If I didn't have kids at home, I would leave asap."

Former Employee - Regional Account Executive says

"I worked at Worldpay full-time for more than a year Cons: System issues, CRM/Salesforce issues, product issues, loss of benefits, high cost benefits, minimal training...merger with FIS not good for employees."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Worldpay full-time for more than 3 years Cons: If you are not ingratiated with someone in the upper echelons you will go nowhere. You will eventually become disgusted with the nepotism if you have any soul at all as you watch people laugh too loud and fake interest for the sake of their careers. It's very sad to see a company turn into this, but I can without a doubt say this is true, especially in Austin, TX."

Agnieszka Kabzinska says

"Fraudulent !!!Try to avoid them. They try to charge us a chargeback total over £8000 for over 20 different transactions, for the goods which have been purchased and consumed. They don't even accepted a dispute, which the evidences are very strong (customer ID, correspondence). They sent the info about chargeback with the date earlier that they fiscally sent the letter, so there is no time to dispute! Nobody, who can answer the questions in customer service or "relevant" department will contact you" But never did!"

Ava Mcdonald says

"We were quoted fees and were charged double from our quoted rate.
And then, when I called to cancel... we were charged a 495 cancellation fee.
Fraudulent company. Would not recommend to anyone."

Rhonda Carlson says

"This company is not only defrauding honest businesses with their arbitrary chargeback terms but allowing the illegal activity to continue. All this during a international pandemic where businesses are struggling to begin to stay afloat
After using Square Exclusively for many years and ZERO issues, my bank suggested I try World Pay for a more cohesive business banking platform. Huge mistake. I processed a total of three transactions over a four month period, two of which were fraudulently charged back by the same client for over 18k. This very client received all the merchandise for which the charges were executed. Additionally, this client signed a separate credit card authorization form, initialed corresponding invoices for these amounts AND I provided a timeline of
Emails and texts from said client validating these charges. I received notification of the first chargeback on October 27th and the second on October 28th. I immediately responded with the aforementioned credentials In response to dispute these two FRAUD chargebacks. World Pays response, they DROPPED my account siting too many chargebacks!!! Unreal the audacity of these parasites. My business account was robbed of over 18k (this was prior to any arbitration or dispute forum) and I was dropped the next day. To date, I keep getting sterile emails requesting I pay an additional 18k to World Pay when they have already grifted my account for over 25k to date. I have filed with the BBB and Attorney Generals office today and plan to file criminal charges tomorrow against the client and World Pay and their agents. DO NOT use this company if you value integrity in business. They are the worst."

Workers Gallery says

"Closed my account after 7 years & went elsewhere. Told I had to return my old tethered terminal. They supply a prepaid Royal Mail envelope but you HAVE to get a proof of posting in case the terminal gets lost. Forcing folks like me to go into a Post Office - but worse still - if the terminal gets lost they will seek to recover the terminal cost of £440. Doesn't matter if it's 7 years old or one day old they said - still £440. I asked if I could film or photograph me putting the terminal in the package and then a letter box as proof in these unprecedented times? They couldn't say if that was good enough. The purchase price of the superior brand-new cradled terminal with wiFi and SIM card that I purchased through another provider was £120.

The frustrating thing on top of all this is that they told me 5 years ago that I had paid so much via my initial 2 year contract that it was my terminal now- fully paid for. Apparently that was/is not the case - whoever told me that was wrong.

Oh and the further kick in the teeth is that they will refurbish my old terminal and reuse it - it'll be the Dorian Gray of the terminal world - forever worth £440!"

Ben says

"Really bad. I’ve only made a handful of sales on my website with the worldpay payments which I guess is lucky because I have been left waiting for any settlements from these sales.

I contacted customer services but after lots of searching to find the correct department. I’m now relying on PayPal to process payments in my site

As far as the world pay till system I have in my shop I a still being charged huge “admin fees” even though we are in lockdown and it can’t even be used! From what I’ve experienced they seem very good at finding creative ways of making my money disappear.

When my contract is up I will be looking for a new provider."

mattgibbo says

"I've been with WorldPay for years, but this year I had finally had enough when it turned out that not were they only charging me exorbitant fees but they would also sneaking charges against my customers too.

When I tried to resolve this they threw me from pillar to post and then just stopped replying. I decided I wanted to close my account but they now flat out refuse to do this.

I've attempted to close my account by telephone, email and even Twitter but they either completely ignore and don't reply, hang up on me or feed me lies.

Stay away from them at all costs, especially if you're a self-employed freelancer like me. I feel for their grift and it was the biggest mistake I made."

Frances says

"Having read some other reviews, I have to agree that Worldpay seem to be thieves. I have rung 3 times and they have agreed to suspend our minimum standing charge and yet they continue to take it from our bank account. Worldpay are supposed to be reimbursing us but that hasn't happened either. Just rung again. After pressing lots of numbers, got through, transferred, then cut off. Very frustrating and stressful. Why don't they care about their customers?"


"Very Bad we have 7 card machines by worldpay and had 18 months contract. They increased the prices and renewed my contract without informing me or without my agreement and now telling me that I have to pay the fees if I leave worldpay. Don't use them . Rubbish! They take decisions about your business which is not right legally and morally."

Midland Parrots Ltd says

"Having already written a review, yesterday and sent it off
I have had a reply today saying that they are sorry for the service, and have logged a complaint. don't log it Deal With It
Perhaps a phone call with the costings that I requested would have been the way forward, The company is now too big, doesn't seem to care about the small business, and it is now 1pm on Monday 18th Jan.
I was promised that I would have a return call last Friday 15th Jan before 4:30pm.
The question I would ask is why?
And then to send an email to tell me to contact them is a joke.
Do they want the business. It doesn't appear so.
Customer service is getting worse.
What sort of reply is this. Why Email me in the first place when they knew the issue
Good afternoon

Thank you for your email.

I am sorry but this team is unable to assist with additional card machines, please call our Helpdesk.

Kind Regards

Customer Services

From: midlandparrots-sales
Sent: 18 January 2021 12:49
To: WP_RSC Customer Support
Subject: EXTERNAL: RE: Worldpay Ref 210113-000277 JE

So much for customer support, Sadly if I ran my business as badly as World pay run their I would be out of business"

Robert McClumpha says

"I have been a worldpay customer for over 10 years.
In November 2020 I contacted them to ask for a cost of removing one desktop terminal an replacing it with two desktop units that I could integrate with my apps system.
Rang again and was told that someone would get back to me. That didn't happen. Rang again. Through the boring system of numbers. Was again told I would get a call.
Nope. Sent an email. Had George call me just after I had spoken to Connor in the loyalty team. He promised he would get the epos team to call and that he would call me back .
No. No epos team called and Conner didn't call as he promised at 1pm the following day. Sent an email to george. Got an email back to say he could only point me in the right direction. I am still trying to work out what his job actually is.
So rang again on Friday. Was put through to the epos team. Spoke to them was told that they would ring me back within the hour. I forgot to ask which hour and which day.
I now have two other companies coming to see me. To be honest I run a small business and haven't got the time to fanny about listening to the silly sales slober. But world pay have forced this on me.
I dont want to change because of the hassle but worldpay dont seem to want the small businesses any more.
I generally like to sort the problems out by talking about it to the company but feel I had to blow and tell my experience"

Julian Pady says

"very rude service from the 'customer loyalty' adviser Christopher when i asked to cancel he put so many obstacles in my way. It feels like i have been held hostage by this company. no easy way to cancel the account."

Alexander Gordon says

"Clunky, almost impossible to navigate, designed to make three-dimension chess look like child’s play. All I want to do is pay a bill; why do I have to jump through more hoops than a circus act?"

Rodolfo says

"@FISGlobal @Worldpay_Global
Doing business w either of these companies is difficult. Customer support is not empowered to help, fraudulent charges on statements and impossible to cancel.
Tried to cancel in October 2020 over the phone. Overseas call center person told me to email a specific address. That was not a valid email. Called back another 30 minutes on the phone and got a different email to cancel. I then called and spoke to again a overseas call center who said they were going to get an "Account Specialist" to close the account which takes 23 BUSINESS DAYS. Well, guess what, we're still being billed and it is January 13th, 2021. This method of doing business and making it impossible to cancel is borderline fraud.

So Fraudulent, there was a class action lawsuit. And guess what - customers FORFEIT their right to SUE WorldPay as part of the settlement. Guess WorldPay won and their clients LOSE. I have $10k in documented overcharges and cannot claim it or sue you for it. Bravo WorldPay.

Check out the Class Action Settlement by Googling "WorldPay Class Action"
Update 1/16/21 - Has been 11 days later and have not heard anything... No call, email, letter."

Miss S Kanchangthong says

"We own a restaurant. Worldpay have stopped a payment for £1050 and all our other transactions for the week in question, totalling over £2500. The £1050 was for wine we discounted to a customer since we can't open for the consumption on premises currently. They say that they will withold the money for 16 weeks against potential chargebacks on the grounds that the value of the transaction is higher than normal. The customer agreed to speak to Worldpay to confirm that there would be no chargeback. That the wine had been consumed. Worldpay would not budge on their decision. Our customer asked for the transaction to be reversed so that he could pay us cash. Worldpay refused. So they are witholding the £1050 for the amount they say is outside of normal transaction patterns. Plus all of the other transactions for that week, which are not contentious. In a totally unacceptable way they have quoted terms and conditions that allow them to do what they like. There is no suggestion that the transaction is in any way anything other than legitimate. We are having difficult times. We can't afford to have a complete weeks turnover denied to us on a whim. Worldpay are just crooks! They have stolen our money."

Toby Nicol says


Please do not use this company. You will never get your money. At the first sign of any of the hassles which affect a small business on a daily business they will pull the plug and you will spend the time which you should be spending running your business banging your head against a wall in frustration.

The Government has sought to encourage large companies to help smaller companies during the pandemic. Yet WorldPay's actions are a disgrace; we will launch a formal complaint to the FCA and ensure that the various media outlets which write about SMEs are aware of the myopic behaviour of this company."

T Rabenold says

"If you want close down your business join up with WorldPay! Now Worse company ever. Being a loyal customer gets you abused every year. Not that the past years were not horrible but this year they did a software update that killed all older vx520 credit card machines. When you call for service you get a automated address to get help - some random Chinese website that totally isn’t even the issue! Tries tell you how to reload your machine but that’s for totally different problem. So did they send out replacement machines for all the clients that have been with them for years so you wouldn’t get shut off during Christmas week during 2020 Corona Virus year? No, they just let your terminal throw a random can not connect error that their techs don’t even know about. After spending days of time during Christmas season rush which is where any small business hopes to make some mo eh finally Shri g this horrible year they finally te you that your terminal is older unit and won’t work. Then during Christmas week send you a next day Fedex replacement terminal since you over paid for your old crap one and that never shows up because they sent it to your old retail address which you closed and updated your address a dozen times with them!
This is the most horrible company I’ve even been a part of in my 50+ years. Do not use them do not sign a contract with them. Their contract basically states they can change your bill any time they want."

Amanda says

"Shame there isn’t a minus for this company, my old employer hasn’t been able to pay our wages now for two months due to world pay holding the funds, as a new business in these uncertain times I find this disgusting and so stressful for my old employer, world pay want closing down, and now there trying to say Iv reviewed the wrong company, so you don’t hold businesses funds for 120 days? Error indeed"

Vikki Watson-Smith says

"Previous reviews indicate that this is an unsatisfactory company from a merchant's point of view. It is equally dreadful from an individual buyer's point of view. It is extremely difficult to access the account they set up for you and if you forget your password they ask questions such as "Administration Code" or "Partner Code" which you do not have because you are just the buyer of a service for a company who uses Worldpay.
My advice to someone who discovers that they have to pay for a product or service through Worldpay is: Refuse to buy it until the company set up a payment system through someone else."

Misha Somerville says

"I have been a worldpay customer for almost ten years. The worldpay system never fails to amaze me with how poor it is. There are so many login names and numbers. I have a Worldpay reference, merchant ID, Merchant Code, merchant cart ID, customer number, username, installation ID to name just a few of them. You'll be asked for each of these numbers at different points and for different logins and phonecalls. If you can make it through the switchboard (it took me over an hour to do this alone the last time I called) then the staff are, almost always, actually very helpful - it just a shame by that point that you've ripped all your hair out! There is currently a blindingly obvious issue which they havent fixed - when you call up it asks for your customer number and then says it can be found on any worldpay receipt. You will only have receipts though, if you have a terminal. If you are using an online gateway you dont have receipts. You do have invoices from worldpay, but they show other numberss that are not your customer number. Their invoices also dont have the customer number on them. So then you get stuck at the switchboard. If you press any old numbers you can eventually make it through and then you'll be asked for a different number again. It really does go on and on with them. They get two stars because of the staff, but really overall they should be one star simply because of the trouble they cause the customer. Even if the other option is a little more expensive - do yourself a favour and avoid the stress of having to deal with worldpay."

Edward Brown says

"Problems seem to be the responsibility of the vendor rather than World pay."

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